About US

We are a small highly skilled, client focused team. Our goal is to grow client’s business with effective digital presence. We believe in iterative development, starting with initial free demo web site related to client’s business

Our Approach to Website Development and Digital Marketing

Every business is unique, and hence it needs dedicated attention. There isn’t any single golden rule on website development and digital marketing that will satisfy all businesses.  Our approach is centered around understanding your business, your requirement and your future goals. We have a process that supports to achieve the best websites and increase your digital presence that will lead to increase in your business.

Our process:

1. Requirement Gathering

Our representative will sit with you to understand your business model, your services, and your current presence. They will also understand your preference on color and themes. They will guide you on possible templates of your future website with clear details of costings. 

2. Sample Website

Our engineering team will prepare a sample website based on the initial discussion. The team will ensure that the sample website has the colors and layouts of your preference. 

3. Feedback iteration

Our representative will schedule a meeting to present the sample website based on your availability. He will gather your feedback to be added on the final version of the website. The representative and the engineering team will work together to accommodate the feedback on the final version. 

4. Finalize

Our representative will present the final version of your website and get your approval to put it into production.  You will be able to view and verify it over the Internet on all possible devices.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Our engineering team will ensure that the final version is optimized to get the highest possible ranking on all search engines. 

6. Digital Marketing

Our representative will work with you on possible digital marketing strategies that suits your business and your plan. 


Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We think our process and expertise helps to achieve that. We are always open for feedback and improvements.

High Availability

We know that website and digital presence is critical for any business during these days. We have the latest and greatest technology for building and hosting websites. We have a daily scheduled task that backup the website. Backups are kept in multiple regions to restore the website in case of any major incident.


We take security and privacy very seriously. All of our websites are hosted on a secure cloud. The daily scheduled task scans all of our websites for malware and viruses. We can add GDPR and CCPA compliance settings in the website if it’s required in your website.

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